Get Fit Like a Clone Trooper in “The Trooper Transmission 30 Day Challenge”

The Trooper Transmission invites you to take the “Train Like a Trooper 30 Day Challenge.”

Combining a Star Wars theme into a workout program can add an element of excitement and motivation to a fitness routine. Using iconic Star Wars characters and concepts such as lightsabers, Jedi training, and the Force can create a fun and engaging atmosphere. For example, a workout routine could be named after different planets from the Star Wars universe, with each planet having its own set of exercises. Participants could also be encouraged to visualize themselves as Jedi trainees, using their lightsabers to battle against imaginary foes while performing their workout. Incorporating a Star Wars theme into a workout program can make exercise more enjoyable and help individuals stay motivated to reach their fitness goals.

This addition of “fun” into a workout could motivate those who would otherwise not participate in a fitness routine and the Clone Troopers are the perfect motivator for such individuals. The appeal of the Clone Troopers lies in their discipline, loyalty, and their physical prowess which makes them the embodiment of fitness, at least according to Paul Clingan at “The Trooper Transmission” who agreed to an interview to explain his challenge.

What inspired you to create a Star Wars Clone Troopers theme into a fitness routine, and what benefits would it provide for participants?

Paul: The inspiration came from a few things. The Clone Wars is my favorite Star Wars media and I am a fitness professional for my day job. About a year ago, I found myself talking to friends about how cool it would be if there was a way to “climb the ranks” as a clone trooper in real life. Obviously the 501st legion cosplay group exists, but I wanted to create something fitness related. Eventually I just decided to do it instead of wishing it existed.

I could dive deep into how a fitness routine can transform someone’s life. But at a high level this is something that can help someone lose weight so they feel confident in themselves again. It can help Star Wars fans with kids play with their kids more and longer without getting hurt. It can help those in the armed forces improve their endurance and maintain strength when they don’t have access to a full gym set up. Exercise is one of the best ways to help with depression and anxiety. Then on top of that, you have the community aspect which is a benefit I really wanted to create. When Star Wars fans are all working out together “For The Republic,” telling each other “This is the way,” it’s a cool thing because there is already a baked in code that our favorite characters adhere to. When a community has a code and war cry, it’s a powerful thing.

How would you motivate participants to engage in a Star Wars Clone Trooper-themed workout, especially if they may not be familiar with the franchise?

Paul: That’s a good question and I think the answer is you don’t. And that’s okay. It prevents the community from being watered down. When I made this, it was for star wars fans and clone wars fans, specifically. That’s not to say Marvel fans wouldn’t enjoy it or see the benefits. But I wouldn’t try and motivate Lakers fans to buy a Bulls jersey even though it’s the same fabric and size.

The Force is a central concept in Star Wars. How do you incorporate mindfulness and mental focus into your fitness classes to help participants tap into their own “Force” and stay motivated?

Paul: This is something I’m really passionate and excited about. There are so many inspiring quotes by Jedi’s like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, & Qui-Gon Jinn. When I’m teaching clients or creating content, I often think about the messages they shared and tie that into inspiring someone to take action and be the best they can be.

Let’s say someone says their favorite Star Wars quote is “Do or do not, there is no try.” Well if someone says I’m going to try the 30-Day Challenge, then Yoda’s wisdom is super applicable to following through and being true to your word.

One of my favorite quotes is when Qui-Gon Jinn says, “Your focus determines your reality.” If someone is focusing on the benefits of the Train Like A Trooper Challenge, then that’s what they’ll find. If they’re focused on how much they don’t like waking up early, skipping the pint of ice cream or being sore, then they will find that as well. I think a lot of Star Wars fans could benefit simply from applying their favorite quotes to their lives. We would certainly have a more positive community if that was the case.

I’ve got some designs on a series that will dive into yoga, meditation, and jedi teachings while participants move through the workout and stretches. But that’s a couple months down the road.

In designing a workout routine, how do you balance the fun and playful aspects of the Star Wars Clone Trooper theme with the need for effective exercise? Like Mandalorians, do you need to keep your Clone Trooper helmet on during the workouts?

Paul: This is one of the harder things I run into and to be honest, I don’t have the answer yet. The balance between fun and effective is one I’m still testing. The first thing I’d say is that I don’t recommend anyone doing the workouts with their helmet on. It will make balancing and breathing much harder. That said, I do it so I know others will. Right now, I’m focusing on making the workouts as structured and effective as possible while doing so in the Star Wars universe. That means using language that characters would use, theming the structure of a workout after a significant number like 104 push ups for the 104th battalion and wearing helmets or cosplay that would signify a specific character.

Star Wars has devout fans who are both divided and dedicated when it comes to their love of Star Wars. Are you concerned with how the fans will respond to your Clone Trooper themed workout?

Paul: No. To be honest, I made this because I thought it would be cool and fun to do. If no one watched it, I still got a workout in while pretending I’m fighting clankas in my home gym which was really fun to make. Beyond that, I feel confident in the fact I’m making something that will positively impact someone’s physical and mental health. If trolls want to hate on that, then that says a lot about them and their internal dialogue. So far the feedback has been incredible which is an added bonus.

But I’m sure I’ll run into haters. At which point I’ll remind myself of my favorite Batman quote by Alfred portrayed by Michael Caine, “Some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with. Some men just want to watch the world burn.” Whenever you’re dealing with a fan base the size of Star Wars, the numbers will inevitably have some bad eggs.

Finally, what motivating message would you tell someone who is hesitant or afraid to start a workout program like this or others?

Paul: This might sound weird, but I’d tell them to tap into their dark side. What I mean by that is allow their mind to go to a place of fear. “What if I don’t do this and my health continues on the trajectory it’s on?” That’s a powerful question.

If you study human psychology, we are all unfortunately wired to respond fastest to pain and fear. They might be afraid to start, but if they can pit that against the fear of not being around for their kids or the fear of not being fit enough to pass tests for the military then all the sudden the motivation to start shows up.

Once someone starts, then I’d recommend shifting their motivation to being the best version of themselves. We’re all going to die someday. Again, that’s morbid. But perspective motivates people to make the most of themselves. Exercise is one of the best ways to ensure the life they lived is a positive one.

To join the “Train Like a Trooper 30 Day Challenge” with Paul Clingan, visit The Trooper Transmission Group – HERE.


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