Hayden Christensen and Diego Luna Talk About Their Star Wars Journeys in Recent Variety Feature


“I thought that my “Star Wars” days were behind me, and then I got a phone call inviting me to come back.” – Hayden Christensen from the Variety feature

In an “Actors on Actors” feature article by Variety, Hayden Christensen and Diego Luna, actors from the Star Wars franchise, delve into a fun and enlightening discussion about their experiences in the beloved Star Wars universe.

In the interview, Christensen and Luna open up about the profound impact their Star Wars roles have had on their lives and careers and they discuss their approaches to portraying their characters in the Star Wars universe. Christensen, known for his portrayal of Anakin Skywalker in the prequel trilogy, shares his insights into capturing his character’s internal struggle and transformation, while Luna recounts his experience as the rebellious Cassian Andor in the acclaimed series “Rogue One.”

The actors also delve into their connection with Star Wars fans, express their gratitude for the support and enthusiasm they have received from fans, and acknowledge the franchise’s impact on people’s lives across generations.

BChristensen and Luna also explore the impact of Star Wars on popular culture and its ability to inspire and unite people from diverse backgrounds. They highlight the franchise’s timeless themes of hope, redemption, and the power of friendship, which continue to resonate with audiences worldwide and express their excitement for the future of Star Wars, including upcoming projects and the expansion of the franchise’s storytelling.

I really enjoy this “Actor on Actor” interview style as it feels less a generic production and instead a discussion between two friends.

Check out this fun feature from Variety in the video below and at the link HERE.



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