Star Wars Fan-Films: Celebrating the Art of Lightsaber Combat


“Many weapons can kill, but only the lightsaber can inspire such extremes of hope or fear. And I shall add that I will be forever glad that only Jedi carry lightsabers.” ― Ryder Windham, The Life and Legend of Obi-Wan Kenobi

One of the most exciting parts of the Star Wars sagas are the Jedi lightsaber duels. From the iconic battles between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader to the acrobatics of Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Darth Maul, lightsaber duels have become synonymous with Star Wars and the Jedi. The pulsating hum of the lightsabers, the graceful moves, and the dire stakes involved in these confrontations make them unforgettable moments.

Beyond the official films, the Star Wars fandom has produced many amazing fan films celebrating the art of lightsaber combat. These fan-made creations pay homage with creativity and some of the best choreography seen on film. Some of these amazing fan films showcase unique interpretations of lightsaber fighting styles, while others delve into the lore of lesser-known Jedi and Sith. These works of passion and dedication demonstrate the impact of Star Wars on its fans, inspiring them to create their imaginative narratives and bring their lightsaber duels to life.

In this article, we will feature some of our favorite fan films, displaying some amazing lightsaber combat scenes.

Skywalker Shadows of Evil | Award Winning Lightsaber Duel | Star Wars Fan Film| SaberComp 2022

“In the form of Jedi Force Meditation Training much like what we experience with Cal Kestis in Jedi Fallen Order and likely will in Jedi Survivor but this time with Luke under the guidance of the Ghost of Anakin Skywalker – leading him through confrontations with foes of long and recent past.”

Star Wars: Premonition | Award Winning Lightsaber Duel | SaberComp 2022

“My entry into SaberComp 2022. Fun fact, this is the 20th anniversary of the contest, and my 7th entry into that contest. It was a blast making this, and the location is one of my all time favorite places to shoot. Everywhere I turned the camera it looked amazing. Also, it was so fun to have my daughter Emily in this. She had so much fun being on a Star Wars set for a couple days.” – Max Jordan

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To the Death

“We wanted to reinvent the concept of lightsabers, so we asked an expert swordsman to choreograph what a fight would look like with real sword tactics, and we took a new approach to the visual and sound design of a saber.”

DARK JEDI: A STAR WARS story – Fan Film

“6909 BBY. The Second Great Schism had divided the Jedi into a dark and light side once more. They had fallen into the 100 – year darkness. On the planet of Corbos, a decisive battle is raging on…”

(Samurai vs Jedi) Shin Jedi|Star Wars & Kurosawa Inspired Short Film

“Star Wars meets Kurosawa world! It’s been a long time since I thought about doing this Samurai vs Jedi content and I finally made it happen! I’ve put my heart into this project and I hope you all enjoy it!”

APEX | EPIC Award WINNING Lightsaber Duel | SaberComp 2020

“FIRST PLACE Overall Winner of SaberComp 2020! Two dudes slap sticks in the woods because of a triangle.”


Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the Disney+ series,”Ahsoka.” which will delve deep into the iconic character and explore her post-Imperial era adventures. From the trailers, Ahsoka will be showcasing her lightsaber skills in breathtaking action sequences. Let’s get a preview of what’s to come and take a look at the lightsaber duel between Ahsoka and Morgan Elsbeth from The Mandalorian.

“Ahsoka” will premiere August 23rd on Disney+.

Lightsaber Duel: Ahsoka Tano vs Morgan Elsbeth (Darth Elsbeth) | The Mandalorian

“The fight between Ahsoka and Morgan with Sith lightsaber effects in The Mandalorian Season 2 Ep5. Basically Morgan Elsbeth became a Sith by turning into the dark side.”

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