4 Things We Loved in Ahsoka Episode 4: “Fallen Jedi”


“Hello Snips.”

We’ve reached the midpoint of the Ahsoka series, and the fanbase is absolutely pleased with this show, which features one of their beloved Jedi characters. Even those who initially voiced concerns about the “slow burn storytelling” have now been treated to an action-packed Episode 4 of this Disney+ series.

In our podcast review, we delve into numerous exceptional aspects of this episode. However, I’d like to highlight four particular elements that left me absolutely thrilled.

Baylan Skoll – “Faith? I lost that a long time ago.”

Ray Stevenson is brilliant! He is known for his roles in the tv series, “Rome” and movies such as “Punisher: War Zone”, “Thor” and more.

His portrayal of Baylan is one of my favorites in the Star Wars sagas. His stoic presence is only overshadowed by his fierce and powerful lightsaber fury! Baylan is proving to be a mysterious and complex character. His motivations are unclear. He confirmed that he is not a Jedi but he is clearly not Sith. His orange lightsaber hints at his nature, which puts him somewhere in the middle, more like a dark or “Gray Jedi.” That said, his intentions were clear as he battled Ahsoka in a duel of lightsabers and Force skills – what a menacing enemy!

I get the impression that his heart might want what he feels is right but, like many misunderstood “villains,” go about it in the wrong way. You can see this when he comments about how few Jedi are left and his negotiation with Sabine for the key device instead of his first reaction being to kill her for it. What are his goals?


“The Ghost”

Star Wars Rebels is my favorite animated Star Wars series and “The Ghost” is my second favorite ship – with Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing being my favorite, and now we get to see it in LIVE ACTION!

The Ghost is a modified VCX-100 light freighter and can be considered a main character in Star Wars Rebels. Under the command of Hera Syndulla, it became a symbol of hope against the Empire. The Ghost is a versatile ship able to outrun or take on the Empire head-on. The ship’s various compartments and hidden compartments make it the perfect hideout for the diverse crew of rebels, including Kanan Jarrus, Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren, Garazeb “Zeb” Orrelios, and the lovable droid, Chopper.

Although we have seen glimpses of the Ghost in The Rise of Skywalker and Rogue One, we get a more personal look, including the bridge where Hera makes that magic happen and its elegant flying, which is almost as smooth as the famous Millennium Falcon.

Now, we just need to get the rest of the (surviving) crew re-united and all will be fine in the universe. Maybe a NEW live action Star Wars Rebels series after Ahsoka?


Lightsaber Duels

This is what makes Star Wars so iconic.

I remember having many “lightsaber duels” as a kid with my friend and Star Wars Reporter Podcast co-host, Trooper Todd, using his sister’s ringette sticks and causing some real life damage to his parent’s basement. Sorry, Mr. and Mrs. Jones! Episode 4 had some of the most exciting lightsaber duels in Star Wars, or Trooper Todd’s basement.

With the skillful and graceful duels between Sabine and Shin Hati to the intense and chaotic clash of Ahsoka and Baylan, the episode gave the fandom the spectacle they’ve been waiting for.


Captain Teva – “Oh Captain, my Captain!”

Carson Teva returns as the intuitive and veteran Republic Ranger and X-Wing pilot. Teva, played by Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, is not only a favorite among fans but is a massive favorite to everyone in my home – even the non-Star Wars fan! (find out why by looking up the tv series, “Kim’s Convenience”)

Teva again proves that he is a capable leader who is willing to “break the rules” to help a friend and also do what is right for the Republic. We didn’t get to see much action from him in the episode but, again, I was biting my nails wondering if he would survive the episode – not cool Mr Filoni! The stress is terrible but, I am happy to report – the Captain LIVES!

As a fan, what a surreal dream it must be for Sun-Hyung Lee being again, written into Star Wars lore. This would be his third appearance with the others being in The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. At this point, I would love it if, going forward, we get to see Teva show up in different live-action and animated series’ much like the Stan Lee appearances or roles in Marvel movies.


Anakin – “Hello Snips.”

Although the appearance of Anakin, played by Hayden Christensen, in Ahsoka was far from a surprise, the way it happened and his first words to his former Padawan was magical.

This is what the fandom was waiting for since the series’ announcement and rumors of Anakin’s appearance hit the media. Anakin and Ahsoka’s relationship remains an emotional aspect of “The Clone Wars” series and Star Wars, highlighting the impact of their shared experiences and the strong mark they left on each other’s lives – as well as the fandom. They did an amazing job making him look like he did in the prequels, with a little glow cast off from “The World Between Worlds”.

Anakin appearing at the end of the episode was exciting but, is it actually Anakin we are seeing? The talk and online theories have dominated the discussion with some fans being suspicious. Some examples given is the fact that Force Ghost Anakin still has his mechanical arm and carries a lightsaber. The argument is that, at the end of The Return of the Jedi, when he appears as a Force ghost with Ben Kenobi and Yoda, he has his arm and, why would a Force ghost carry a lightsaber? Maybe they just made a mistake and wanted to have him appear in an image people remember. But if it isn’t, speculation is that it could be “The Son”. The Son was a Dark Force user from the “Ethereal Realm” who could fit into the series’ mystical theme, especially in the realm of the World Between Worlds. Either way, it was amazing to see Christensen in Star Wars again and, if what we are seeing is a “Fake Anakin”, I am sure that we will see the “real” Anakin at some point.


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