The Bad Batch Season 3 Premiere REVIEW


Star Wars the Bad Batch Season 3 PREMIERE – Episode 1, 2, and 3.

RIP Tech.

The sting of losing Tech is still raw for me as we head into this season. Losing one of my favorite members of the Batch was hard; especially hard was their expected betrayal and the capture of Omega was delivered by Tantiss by Dr. Hemlock. Last season was left with several cliff-hangers setting up what I expect to be a fantastic concluding chapter to the Bad Batch’s adventures, and the teaser trailers only amped the excitement for the season as we know we will be seeing many familiar faces… some of which we haven’t seen in Star Wars for a LONG Time…. But, it’s finally time… Here. We. Go!

Episode 1: CONFINED

The first episode, Confined, begins to set up a lot of threads for the season, with the focus being on Omega’s life as a prisoner at the Imperial Lab on Tantiss. The episode opens by showing just how treacherous the environment of the planet is as an Imperial ship crashes on its way to the lab and the troopers are overrun by the creatures of the planet.

We again see an early look at Crosshair, who seems to have lost all hope, while Omega remains eager in her goal to launch an escape from the sinister Dr. Hemlock. In the lab, Omega has taken on a research assistant role as she and Emerie take blood from imprisoned clones and deliver it to Nala Se who is running tests. Nala Se is still protecting Omega as she is seen many times covertly destroying Omega’s blood samples. We get some insight into why blood is being tested to which Nala Se describes that The Empire is seeking a reproduction of an M-count (CAN WE ASSUME MIDICLORIANS???) but experiments have been unsuccessful thus far.

While the testing is done out in the more ‘public’ lab, we also get to see Hemlocks more secret operation as he leads Nala Se off to a heavily guarded and secured area where we can only imagine the most sinister cloning experiments take place.

As part of Omega’s duties she also tends to the wild Lurca that patrol the jungle around the facility. It seems Omega has taken a special interest in one of them which she names Batcher (An ode to her brothers???), as she uses a med kit to nurse it back to health.
We also get to see how Omega has taken on Hunter’s view of Crosshair, still a brother, as Omega frequently sneaks off to his cell to chat with him and convince him to take part in her eventual escape plans.

Batcher in a scene from “STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH”, season 3 exclusively on Disney+. © 2024 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All Rights Reserved.

Omega is also awoken to a surprise inspection where they find her doll, and Emerie reminds Omega that there are no personal items allowed, a common tactic with prisoners.

Nala Se and Hemlock also discuss a marginal success with a cloning transfer in reproducing an M-Count, but Hemlock is not convinced and pressures Nala Se to go further, bringing up the threat of the Emperor’s involvement. Which means this particular project must be of personal importance to the Emperor (Will this set up the Sequel Trilogy?)

Back to Omega tending to the animals, we see that her Lurca, Batcher was slated for termination. When Omega objects the droid attempts to call security, a conflict ensues and Omega steals the droid’s data pad and drops cargo on it to crush it, then releases Batcher into the wild. Helmock and Emerie approach Omega and have an intense conversation where Hemlock threatens to hurt Crosshair if she does not cooperate.

At the conclusion of the episode, Hemlock drops this quote, “Actions always have consequences, sometimes not in ways we imagine”

I think this will be a quote that we will need to remember for the season, and definitely foreshadows what will happen in Episode 3 with Batcher.


In episode 2 we are back to follow the Batch… or what is left of them.

It opens with a mob trial as one of the crime syndicates are conducting their own court judgements overseen by Lady Durand. Hunter and Wrecker emerge as one of the trials as they lead a captured member of the Pyke Syndicate to be judged for his actions against the other syndicate.

This shows what Hunter and Wrecker have been up to, mercenaries chasing leads to get back to Omega. They exchange their captured Pyke for information on a possible location of one of Hemlock’s secret Imperial labs.

This sets the stage for the Episode, Hunter and Wrecker chasing leads, still trying to get back to Omega. Hunter and Wrecker follow the information to a jungle planet where they discover the lab has been bombed to glass. They end up running into three young clones who have been surviving after their escape from the lab before it was bombed. The young clones inform them that the “Slither Vines” that have been invading and attacking were an Imperial experiment gone wrong, and one clone tells Wrecker and Hunter that there is one last working panel in the decrepit lab that is still in-tact. In order to get more information on Omega’s possible whereabouts, they conclude they must venture into the lab and pull any information from that panel.

(L-R): Wrecker and Hunter in a scene from “STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH”, season 3 exclusively on Disney+. © 2024 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All Rights Reserved.

Hunter, Wrecker, and the young clone load of the Gonk droid (YESSSS GONK!) and venture into the facility that is wildly overrun with Slither Vines that attack. This experiment gone wrong gets stranger and stranger as the sliced vines further evolve into odd little demented vine monsters that continue to attack and scurry around as they are no longer restricted by vines. The crew find their way to the control panel where they are able to plug in Gonk and begin pulling data, but not before several giant tentacles emerge from below.

Luckily the two other clones that elected not to go with them had arrived in their ship. They had initially contemplated stealing their ship and escaping the planet, but they had a change of heart as they saw how loyal Hunter and Wrecker are to finding Omega.

In classic Bad Batch fashion, the clones narrowly escape what we now see is a Scarlacc like abomination at the core of all the slither vines.

This episode ends with the Batch (or remaining two) following another lead to find their captured comrade, Omega.


In Episode three we are back on Tantiss with Omega, as things are seeming more frantic around the lab. That is because there is a “surprise guest” visiting the lab.

Everyone is on edge, as Omega gets her blood drawn in full view of Emerie, Nala Se, and Dr. Hemlock. Hemlock informs Nala Se that they must leave to greet the visitor, meaning Emerie will test the blood today. Nala Se knows this isn’t good. She urges Omega to launch her escape today during the visit because she knows that if Omega’s bloos is tested it will result in a successful M-Count reproduction, meaning they will use her as they subject for their cloning tests.


The big baddie is back, making a special visit to Tantiss to view Hemlcok’s progress on their secret cloning experiments. Hemlock leads the Emperor to their top secret cloning lab where Hemlmock updates the Emperor on their marginal success with reproducing M-Counts in clones. The Emperor is somewhat pleased informing Hemlock that he has all the resources of the Empire at his disposal in order to achieve success with PROJECT NECROMANCER.

Omega in a scene from “STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH”, season 3 exclusively on Disney+. © 2024 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All Rights Reserved.

Back in the lab, Omega takes Nala Se’s data pad and uses it to sneak around the facility while everyone is occupied with the Emperor to free Crosshair and mount their escape through the Lurca’s cages as we saw in Episode One. Caught by Emerie, she signals an alarm and Crosshair stuns her as they run through the tunnels and barely make it out before the entire facility is locked down. Omega and Crosshair make their way to the downed transport ship from the opening scene of Episode One, but are unable to get a message to Hunter and Wrecker. As the Troopers hone in on their location, Crosshair and Omega launch a classic Batch Plan where they are able to overtake the entire squadron and commandeer their ship (with help from Batcher who has returned). As their ship is being attached, Emerei finally gets the results of the blood tests run on Omega and informs Hemlock that they were successfully able to reproduce an adequate M-Count with her sample, meaning she would be THE viable test subject. In light of this information Hemlock calls off the attack and allows them to escape.

And that is where we end, Omega and Crosshair have made it off Tantiss.

An exciting three episode premier! Again, Filoni sets up many potential threads in this opening.

I can’t help but think Omega’s time on Tantiss wasn’t that long, while they made it seem as though she spend lots of time there. We (the audience), didn’t see much of that struggle where the Bad Batch worked to get Omega back from the clutches of Hemlock.

While I am looking forward to the reunion, the hunt for Omega seems to be the recurring theme from this series. It will be interesting to see where they go, only time will tell!

Overall, I will give the three-episode premier 8 Slither Vines out of 10!


Omega and Crosshair working together – It looks like we may finally get the Crosshair reunion I have been wishing for since Season1. It was great to see Crosshair and Omega launch a plan together based on the playbook of the Batch.

Shaky Hands? – Crosshair is definitely not the sharpshooter he was known for. Throughout the episodes we get clips of Crosshairs hands shaking, and him uncharacteristically missing shots.

Crosshair in a scene from “STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH”, season 3 exclusively on Disney+. © 2024 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ™. All Rights Reserved.

Project Necromancer – While we don’t know much about Project Necromancer, we do know it was briefly mentioned in the Mandalorian Season Three where the Shadow Council met with Moff Gideon to discuss different plans to keep the Empire alive during the era of the New Republic. In this reference it was mentioned that they needed Thrawn’s return to ensure Commandant Hux could finish the secret Project. This shows that this project exists past the fall of the Empire and into the time of the New Republic, potentially having implications with the First Order as Commandant Hux is General Hux’s father.

Interesting how they are weaving threads to possible connect with the Sequel Trilogy (in a more planned way). Again, we see Dave Filoni and Co.’s brilliance at weaving different Star Wars Narratives together across shows.