The Reunion We’ve Been Waiting For! The Bad Batch Episode 4, “A Different Approach” REVIEW


Star Wars the Bad Batch Episode 4: “A Different Approach” by Darth Slobo

While I enjoyed this week’s episode, it was the final scene that took this from a good to a great one! The reunion we have been waiting for!

Right where we left off! Omega and Crosshair are hurling through hyperspace in a damaged shuttle as they are forced to land on what looks like a solitary planet with both mountain ranges and plains. After their crash there is a slight disagreement between Omega and Crosshair about their end goal, but they agree to make their way to a spaceport nearby.

In a very brief scene back on Tantiss we see Nala Se now confined to a cell as Hemlock voices his displeasure with her despite playing off as if she had no idea Omega would be a match for their experiments.

Now back with Omega, Crosshair, and Batcher…

When I watched this episode, I couldn’t help but think it felt very much like a video-game quest. We see the crew make their way through the city, but to remain undetected, they need disguises. Then the mission is to get off the planet, so they try to bribe the ticket agent, who asks for a very large bribe, which sends them on another mini-task quest. From one task to another, it felt like we were going from small quest to another.

With that being said, this episode definitely had its moments where we saw the impact of storylines in the previous season become relevant. Specifically, we finally get to see Omega’s gambling skills pay off. While I was under the impression the constant focus on this last season was only to show her building her strategic thinking skills while helping the Cid and the Batch earn some extra cash, we see now these skills have come in handy again. The imperial officer entering the bar was a nice touch. I felt the tension in the scene as Omega and Crosshair had a moment of panic when he sat down to challenge, but it ended up being a fun scene. The officer believes he has Omega beat, but Omega’s strategy skills pay off as she achieves the “Three Eastern Stars” to win and end the game.

After the officers impose their fine on Omega’s winnings, they exit the bar to find that Batcher has been taken by the officers (yet another mini quest). Again, Omega’s loyalty takes precedence as she elects to go retrieve Batcher from the officers, even going so far as to give Crosshair all of their credits, and go alone. While Crosshair does end up coming back to help, we find out fast that this was a trap set by the Empire, as they found out who Omega and Crosshair are, and have alerted Hemlock.

And this is where the episode gets its name as the pair have been doing things Omega’s way to avoid blaster fire, now Omega is finally ready to try “a different approach.” The two start blasting and releasing all of the captured alien animals, including Batcher, and proceed to steal an Imperial vessel, while that cocky imperial officer gets dragged into a cell by one large looking creature.

Now in the vessel, Omega has sent a coded message to Hunter and Wrecker setting up a meeting point. As Omega and Crosshair approach the point, they see the Batch’s ship.

Then, the reunion.

The final scene was fantastic, the build-up, the emotion, the score, all fantastic. I couldn’t help but get teary eyed when Omega runs to Wrecker and is embraced by Hunter. The suspenseful conclusion between the Batch and their (former?) companion Crosshair was the cherry on top! Looking forward to seeing the Batch (RIP Tech) finally in action together with Crosshair…

That final scene helps this episode get 9.5 Imperial Credits out of 10.

Stand Out Scenes:

Unwavering Loyalty – Omega has definitely learned from Hunter’s loyalty as we see both of their steadfast loyal to their crew, Hunter in episode two, and now Omega in both episodes three and four. Loyalty is a quality above all for the Batch, and it is something that Crosshair is going to need to re-learn if he re-joins our favorite enhanced clones.

(L-R): Omega and Hunter in a scene from “STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH”, season 3 exclusively on Disney+. ?? 2024 Lucasfilm Ltd. &. All Rights Reserved.

BACK TOGETHER AT LAST! – Honesty time… I am conflicted. I have been looking forward to this reunion since the Season Three finale, and while I did absolutely love the scene where they get a chance to embrace after months apart. It didn’t feel that long to me. Again, I am happy they are back together, but I didn’t feel enough of the struggle to get that huge emotional pay-off I have been waiting for! That may be a function of having a three-episode premier, as we are only two weeks (but four episodes) in, and we are already back together.

(L-R): Omega, Hunter, and Wrecker in a scene from “STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH”, season 3 exclusively on Disney+.  2024 Lucasfilm Ltd. & ???. All Rights Reserved.