The Bad Batch Episodes 6 and 7 REVIEW: Reunited with Old Friends


Star Wars the Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 6, “Infiltration” and Episode 7 “Extraction” by Darth Slobo

This week’s mid-season two episode was an exciting adventure that reunited us with some old fan-favorites!


Beginning with episode 6 we see a clone squad navigating dark back streets while a masked assailant watches through a scope. WELCOME BACK REX! Rex and his squad are escorting former separatist Senator Singh to a secret meeting with Senator Chuchi, who is now making more connections in her rebellious quest against the Emperor. Finally we pick up where we left off last season with the Rex and Chuchi sub-plot as the narrative strands again weave together and seem to all lead back to Tantiss.

While these two Senators—Chuchi and Singh—were on opposing sides of the Clone Wars, they now have united interests. Unfortunately for them, this meeting is cut short as the masked assassin moves in to strike, attempting to take out the senators with a thermal detonator. Luckily Rex saves the day disposing of the grenade while his squad stuns the assailant which we find out is another brainwashed clone assassin.

Back to Rex’s base camp we see a good collection of clone troopers and gear being organized into a more coordinated movement of resistance. We find out that they were able to remove the electro capsule to prevent him from biting down on it during interrogation, as what happened to the last assailant on Coruscant. During the clone assassin’s interrogation, Rex unsuccessfully tried to reason with him, and we cut back to Tantiss as we see the Empire activate another shadow clone assassin to take care of “loose ends.” And with that we get the main story behind this mid-season pair of episodes.

Rex’s crew is able to crack the encryption on the assassin’s target, and discover that Omega is one of the primary targets on the Imperial hit-list.

Now back with the Batch, we find out that Rex contacted them to bring them to their secret base. When they land, the pleasantries between Rex and the Batch are short lived when Clone Trooper Howzer confronts Crosshair about a past battle they were involved in where Crosshair eliminated all of Howzer’s men. Rex brings them up to speed with the captured clone assassin, of which they already had suspected the Omega would be a top priority. And we see that the newly deployed clone assassin has now reached Rex’s “secret” base.

As they debrief with more information on Tantiss we hear again the importance of M-Count as Omega explains to them that it was a key piece of their experiments, and why they were testing so many clones in Hemlock’s facility. Crosshair gives more information on this specialized squadron of clone assassins, and Rex reveals they have captured one. This clearly upsets Crosshair as he warns them that the Empire will be there shortly.

As the new assassin moves around planting explosives all over the base, he spots Omega and reports her presence to the Imperial base, then receives his new orders to capture Omega. The assassin begins executing his mission by detonating explosives all over the base and eliminating the other captured assassin with a precision shot. The explosions cause chaos as a shootout takes place. Rex and the Batch retreat as another explosion rocks the compound sending the assassin flying back, and we end the episode with Imperial reinforcements descending on the planet.


The base is in ruins, and the assassin survived the previous shootout. Rex and the Batch awake in rubble and thankfully Rex reveals he always has a back-up escape plan. The injured assassin awaits Imperial backup as we see Imperial Clone Troopers move-in on the base. There is a confrontation between the assassin and the Imperial Clones, as the clones are concerned that all the bodies being seen from the previous confrontation are Clone Troopers. As the Imperial squad attempts to seal off the exits, the clone assassin attempts to go after Rex and the Batch. We see the assassin pursue the Batch and Crosshair struggle to connect with a shot as he covers their escape in a small ship. As the assassin shoots down the ship with his sniper, he is again confronted by the Imperial Clone Officer who is upset with how the assassin is carrying out his mission.

The Imperial troops pursue the crash site, and we see a sweet interaction between Crosshair and Omega as he checks to make sure she is alright. Rex and the Batch head off to an extraction point to hopefully meet Echo, whom they were able to contact in their brief flight with the escape ship. The assassin continues his pursuit of our heroes as the Imperial Reinforcements move ahead and cut them off. The Batch use smokescreens to make quick work of the Imperial troops, but the assassin is still pursuing them from behind. Crosshair elects to distract the assassin, and an intense battle ensues where the assassin is close to defeating Crosshair. In an epic battle that begins with a sniper shootout, then moving to close combat, they both fall into a river and go over a waterfall. Their final confrontation occurs just infront of another waterfall, Black Panther style, as Crosshair is bested by the Assassin. The assassin is on his way to ending Crosshair if not for Rex’s squad stunning the assassin from behind sending him over the waterfall…

The crew make it to the Extraction point, but the Imperial Clone vessel intercepts them just as they think they have made it out.

A standoff… As the Imperial Clones confront Rex and the Batch, Rex recognizes the Imperial Clone Captain as former comrad Captain Wolffe and they debate what the Empire is doing to clones, with the testing of their clone brothers on Tantiss, and the Imperial orders to capture Omega, a child. In the middle of this intense debate, Echo and Gregor arrive and the Imperial Clones let them escape.

We see the clone assassin ended up surviving his fall down the waterfall… I wonder what is in store for this clone? We end the episode with Rex urging Hunter to find out why Omega is so important to the Empire’s plans.

What an intense two episodes!

I give these episodes a “9 Clone Troopers out of 10!” That was a fun ride! It was great to see the Rex and Chuchi sub-plot get some attention and we may finally be seeing all the threads come together for the end of the series!

Stand Out Scenes:

Rex and Wolffe – The intense standoff between Rex and Wolffe was an absolute highlight of the episode! It is especially great to catch up with Wolffe, as we don’t really know much about his whereabouts between the Clone Wars and Rebels, but we do end up seeing him as part of Rex’s squad with Gregor on Seelos. I am really hoping we get to see more on Wolffe’s conversion to the ‘other side’ with Rex and Gregor.

Crosshair Bested – Crosshair is definitely not looking like the skilled assassin that worked so hard to pursue the Bad Batch in previous seasons. In this episode, while his confidence and willingness to help the squad was high, he consistently missed shots and was somewhat easily handled by the Clone Assassin. I can’t help but think that would have been an easy fight for Hunter, but we got to see just how vulnerable Crosshair is now that he is back with the Batch.