Hunter and Wrecker are in “Bad Territory” in Episode 8 of The Bad Batch

Star Wars the Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 8 “Bad Territory” REVIEW by Darth Slobo

Back to Pabu!

The Batch are back on their safe-haven on Pabu in what must be immediately following last week’s episode as Omega is worried about Echo and Rex who have gone their separate way. Phee is off world gathering information for the crew and has been inquiring about the mysterious M-Count, which is a key reason why the Empire is so interested in Omega.

Phee lets them know that the Empire has been hiring bounty hunters to hunt down M-Count targets for their experiments, and this leads to the next mission as Hunter is determined to get to the bottom of why the Empire is so interested in Omega. Phee, Hunter, and Wrecker discuss that meeting with a bounty hunter may be their best bet at getting more information on the M-Count. Which leads us back to one of my personal favorite bounty hunters: FENNEC SHAND.

Of course, Hunter and Wrecker meet up with Fennec in a space bar filled with galactic scum and villainy, the perfect place for a covert meeting with a bounty hunter! Fennec reveals she does know of the Empires interest with M-Count targets, and while she hasn’t participated in that, she does know of someone who is more familiar with the Empires plans. But of course, that connection will cost Hunter and Wrecker, so they strike a deal to work for Fennec on a bounty in order to get the information in exchange.

On Pabu, Crosshair is trying to heal his hand. We see AZI check out his hand to make a medical diagnosis but informs Crosshair that his shaky hand may be all in his mind, or mental barrier as a result of the experiments he was subjected to on Tantiss. He goes back to training and is still having a hard time hitting targets, so Omega attempts to teach him an alternative method of achieving a calmer state, through meditation. In what seemed like a jedi-esque scene, Omega and Crosshair meditate on a rock by the water, looking on to a Pabu sunset where Omega reveals she learned this from Gungi on Kashyyk, to which Crosshair becomes aware of just how much he has missed since he has been gone.

Back to Fennec’s ship, she reveals their target is a thief named “Sylar Saris”, who took out several mob bosses and made off with their money, and has since taken care of every bounty hunter sent after him.

They land on the toxic planet in pursuit of Sylar and Fennec acquires a boat from some pit droids. As they move through the rancid water, Fennec warns them about what lies underneath. And just as she does, Hunter spots mines that require them to get in the water and disarm them by hand. As they get to the final two mines, they are attacked by a herd of Alien Crocodiles and almost don’t make it out, if it wasn’t for Wrecker wrestling most of them by hand.

They eventually make it to Sylar’s hideout and of course Fennec makes Hunter and Wrecker go investigate by themselves. Sylar gets the jump on Hunter and an intense fight ensures where Sylar almost escapes if not for Fennec cutting their own boat motor preventing Sylar from making a sneaky escape, and allowing Hunter and Wrecker to surround and stun Sylar before he gets away.

After Fennec, Hunter, and Wrecker make it back to the space port with Sylar in tow, Fennec reveals she doesn’t have the information on the M-Count with her, but she will be in touch with them. And the episode ends with Fennec contacting a mysterious person and passing along information about Hunter and Wrecker, which doesn’t seem good…

This was an exciting mission, and seeing Fennec Shand was awesome, but I was hoping that the story would have taken a bigger step forward. For that reason, I’ll give this episode 7.5 space crocs out of 10.

Stand Out Scenes:

Fennec Friend or Fennec Foe? – Fennec completely used the Batch to her advantage, and they were powerless because they believe the information she has access to is of the utmost importance. We don’t know if Fennec is actually helping the Batch or not? But, given what we have seen of her in the past, her loyalty doesn’t come easy… Her mysterious contact at the very end of the episode was a great cliff-hanger to make us question if she is going to help or harm our heroes. Any time we get to see Fennec Shand is an absolute treat, so I am hoping we get more Fennec!