A Fan Favorite “Back from the Dead” in Episode 9 of The Bad Batch


“I’ve got a few lives left.”

Star Wars the Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 9, “The Harbinger” by Darth Slobo

Back at the ports of Pabu, Crosshair and Wrecker help the locals with various tasks as Hunter meets them to let them know they still have no word from Fennec. With no leads, and no information on M-Count, the Batch have few options for getting to the bottom of why the Empire is after Omega.

Back with Omega, Batcher leads her to a cavern off the shoreline where she finds a ship stowed away. As Batcher barks and runs, we see a mysterious figure emerge – ASAJJ VENTRESS!

We haven’t seen Asajj in a LONG time! The former apprentice of Dooku is back after having been betrayed by her former master and left for dead. Then there was a failed assassination attempt as she returned to The Nightsisters (for more, watch The Clone Wars). But now, years later, she is back!

We find out that Fennec was the one who sent Asajj, and Asajj has the answers they are looking for, maybe. Asajj gives clarity on what the M-Count is, without saying the word Midichlorians she reveals that it is a component in the blood where high levels are related to being more sensitive in the force. Although the Batch are still unclear about what this all means, Hunter makes the connection to the Jedi, and Omega wishes for her M-Count to be tested, to which Asajj responds that she will be the one to test her.

This is an interesting situation for Asajj, while she was initially trained as a padawan, she has been so committed to the dark side for so long, and now after being betrayed by her former master, it is unclear what her motivations are, and now she is the one that will be testing the abilities of Omega

Omega inquires about her past, to which she is hesitant to reveal too much.

If you would have told me at the beginning of Season One that Asajj Ventress would be the one to test Omega’s force potential, I would have thought it was a crazy fan theory, but here we are! Asajj is putting Omega to the test starting with a classic concentration test that we have seen many aspiring Jedi attempt in some form or another (i.e., Luke on Dagobah). While this concentration task is going on, Hunter, Wrecker, and Crosshair are able to figure out who Asajj is and what her role in the Clone Wars was, to which Asajj notices instantly. In Omega’s next task, Asajj sends her to the top of the peak to retrieve a white blossom from a tree in a race against time, which gives the Batch a perfect opportunity to confront Asajj about her intentions with Omega.

A fight ensues as Asajj disarms all of them using the force, and with ease handles all three of them in hand-to-hand combat. Crosshair is able to get their weapons back, causing Ventress to reveal her new YELLOW LIGHTSABRE. The yellow sabre looks stunning, as it cuts back to Omega able to retrieve the flower and get back to the cave where she arrives to see Ventress standing over Hunter and force choking Wrecker with Crosshair incapacitated off to the side.

Tensions remain high as the Batch reconvene on the Marauder to discuss their next steps with Ventress. Omega urges her brothers to trust Ventress and give her a shot as people can change, and she specifically appeals to Crosshair who she never gave up on, despite their complicated past. The Batch seem to agree as we see Omega meet with Ventress to complete her testing.

The two head off in a fishing boat, where Ventress wants to see if Omega can connect with nature through the force. Omega seems to have little patience, and she wants Ventress to prove it can be done. Ventress successfully reaches out with the force and connects with the aquatic wildlife, but also unintentionally awakens a Vrathean, a giant Kraken like alien beast with a big shell and tentacles. The Vrathean destroys their fishing boat and the Batch—who were watching from a distance—hop in the marauder to help rescue Omega. The Batch fire on the Vrathean, while Ventress tells Omega to call them off as she can handle it. After the Batch is called off, Ventress is wrapped in the Vrathean’s tentacle and is pulled towards its mouth, luckily Ventress is able to connect with the beast through the force and calms down.

The Marauder picks up Omega and Ventress, and the group reconvenes on the beach. Ventress informs Omega that she failed the test, but the Empire will still be after her. Disappointed, Omega and Wrecker leave, Hunter and Crosshair confront Ventress again as they know she was lying about Omega’s M-count potential. Ventress advises them to leave Pabu as the Empire will stop at nothing to hunt her down, and Hunter asks what about Ventress as her abilities will make her and Imperial target as well. Ventress says she still has a couple “lives left” which is certainly a nod to the StarWars book Dark Disciple in which she seemingly died.

Many fans had mixed feelings about Ventress’ appearance this week as it has the potential to retcon other StarWars content. Historically speaking, these retcons have usually happened as video content is given a higher priority than books/comics. With that being said, more story can always be added that changes how we interpret past material—look at what The Clone Wars series did with the Clone Inhibitor Chips?

Anyway, at this, Ventress takes off in her ship, and Batch is left with answers but it seems like these answers don’t bring them any closer to a satisfaction, and leave them with new questions.

What a great episode! I loved getting an update on Ventress and finally see Omega have her force abilities tested. This episode gets 8.5 Yellow Lightsabres out of 10.

Stand Out Scenes:

THREE WEEKS IN A ROW – For the last three weeks we have had the return of several fan favorites! This must be a final season, because it seems like the Bad Batch are on a farewell tour with all these great characters we get to see again.

Back from the Dead? – The talk of the town among StarWars fandom since the trailer for the final season dropped has been the return of Asajj Ventress. Our favorite Jedi apprentice turned Sith apprentice turned nomad night sister is back, and many fans are questioning the end of the 2015 novel, Dark Disciple, in which Asajj Ventress meets her demise. However, she subtly hints that she has “more lives” for whatever the Empire throws at her, implying that she in some way returned from the dead. This should be no surprise given the magical abilities and rituals of the Night Sisters who have performed interestingly dark acts before. Now we get to look forward to connecting the dots in Asajj’s story between The Clone Wars and The Bad Batch! Classic Filoni.

Force Sensitive Omega – Of all the fan theories that we have speculated during the three season run of The Bad Batch, StarWars Reporter gets one right! From very early on in Season One we have been speculating that Omega was somewhat force sensitive given her exceptional abilities from early on in the series! Now we get confirmation from another force user! Let’s see what is in store for Omega, will she be trained? A force-sensitive Boba Fett is a scary thought, who knows where this character will go beyond this series!

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