The Crisis Continues for The Bad Batch in Episodes 10 and 11

Star Wars the Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 10 “Identity Crisis” and Episode 11 “Point of No Return” Review by Darth Slobo

Identity Crisis

This week we begin in a marketplace where a mother and child shop at street merchant booths. As the mother is interacting with the shop keeper, some commotion occurs as it is implied that the infant cause the commotion. The onlooking villagers mention that the child is gifted but could bring unwanted attention to their home. One of the onlooking aliens, an Aqualish, reports the incident to an imperial bounty hunter, and thus sets up the episode.

Back on Tantiss, Dr. Hemlock is frustrated with the lack of progress being made on Project Necromancer since Nala Se’s imprisonment, to which Dr. Emerie Karr eagerly volunteers to take her place as the new Chief Medical Scientist for the Tantiss Lab. Hemlock seems unsure about this, but agrees that Emerie has been loyal and ends up promoting her to Chief, and bringing her up-to-speed with the project.

As Hemlock brings her up to speed, so to do we finally get to see what has been going on with Project Necromancer and inside the highly guarded Vault that has been to vital to the project. Inside the vault we see they are conducting tests on three force sensitive children, as Hemlock justifies this to Emerie by explaining, not only are they more co-operative than adults, but there are no force sensitive adults left (ORDER 66 Anyone?). Hemlock also reveals that while the children’s blood is important for their experiments, it is only Omega’s blood that can bind with the different DNA and support the M-Count levels, meaning it is vital to their experiments that she is found.

After a brief interaction with one of the children, Emerie is warned by Hemlock to limit her interaction with the children, as we see one of the children carefully observes how the personnel exit the lab…

Back to the planet at the beginning of the episode, we see the mother and child playing in what looks like their apartment, as clanky footsteps slowly make their way outside their door and stop. Enter: CAD BANE (and Todo 360), the notorious blue alien in the menacing cowboy hat is back, stunning the alien mother and kidnapping the child after determining through a blood test that it has a high M-Count. Cad Bane is stealing kids, the bounty hunter we love to hate is back doing more despicable acts for the Empire. This definitely made me uneasy, but I did find solace in remembering that he will eventually meet his demise at the hands of the Daimyo of Mos Espa—Boba Fett.

As Cad Bane is off stealing babies, we cut back to Tantiss where Dr. Karr is extracting blood samples from the children in the Tantiss Lab. While Emerie is distracted, one of the children, SP-32 (or Jax), steals Emerie’s datapad and attempts to open the door. As this escape is shortlived, Commander Scorch and several other Clone Commandos enter the vault and stun Jax, as Emerie disapproves, stating these actions are too extreme for a child. After, Emerie seeks answers from Nala Se in her prison cell, and interrogates her about using children for experiments—which Emerie is clearly uncomfortable with because she revealed this happened to her as a child as well—to which Nala Se says that it was all done to protect Omega from the experiments. Nala Se subtly encourages Emerie to exercise her new power to do something about the situation, and soon thereafter encounters Hemlock who informs them they have another force sensitive child captured. Emerie states that she would like to go aid in the transportation of the child to the facility to ensure the specimen is handled with care.

As this is ongoing, Hemlock is notified that Governor Tarkin is seeking to speak with him, and in this meeting we see that Tarkin is concerned about the resources being diverted to Tantiss and warns Hemlock that a failure on Project Necromancer will have dire consequences for him.

Back with Emerie, travelling to a station that looks to be orbiting Coruscant, the Imperial team meets with Cad Bane to test and acquire the child that has been kidnapped. As Emerie asks Bane questions about the ‘specimen’ Cad Bane warns her about her curiosity. We end the episode with the child being taken back to the Tantiss Vault and more tests being run on the “Specimens.”

It seems that Dr. Emerie Karr is the one going through the Identity Crisis, as her new found power made her aware to the true horrors the Empire is engaged in, which mirror her own traumatic experiences as a child. We will have to wait and see how this new dynamic pans out, and what challenges Dr. Karr will cause Hemlock in the future…

Point of No Return

We start this second episode of the back-to-back with Phee is landing on a lunar spaceport to re-fuel her ship. As she exits her ship and talks with her droid, we see the Clone Assassin sneak aboard her ship and steal the intel on the Bad Batch’s Location. He reports the intel to Commander Scorch, and is advised to get visual confirmation of Omega before the Empire provides back-up, and thus sets the stage for this episode.

Back on Pabu we see the Batch loading the Marauder in preparation for their exit, heeding Ventress’ warning. Omega and Lyana are sharing their sadness over Omega having to leave Pabu, and Omega leaves behind Tech’s goggles and Wrecker’s doll in the Pabu Temple as treasures that will encourage them to return when they can. As they exit the temple, they make their way through the Pabu market, Hunter senses something is off as the Clone Assassin is now on Pabu and scouting them. Hunter encourages them to leave, as The Clone Assassin gets visible confirmation that Omega is on Pabu and reports this info to Scorch. Scorch tells the Clone Assassin to keep Omega alive, but prevent them from leaving so the Empire can arrive. Upon getting these orders, the Clone Assassin shoots explosives onto the Marauder while Wrecker is still loading, triggering an explosion and knocking Wrecker into the water. As the Batch retrieve Wrecker, they tell Omega to accompany Wrecker to a safe place where Wrecker can get medical treatment. As this is happening an Imperial Star Destroyer descends on Pabu, and chaos erupts on the island city.

Stormtroopers invade the city and search for Omega who is being guarded by Crosshair, as Hunter searches for a gunship in an attempt to get them away from Pabu.

As the Empire unleashes chaos and torment among the people of Pabu, Omega blames herself for the destruction, and we learn that Wrecker’s vitals are stable from the explosion. As Crosshair and Omega watch the chaos unfold they see Hunter, who has made it onto a gunship, get thrown into the water as the Clone Assassin shoots down the pilot. Omega and Crosshair discuss their options as Omega argues to give herself over to the Empire to stop the attack, and allow the Batch to track her back to Tantiss where they can free more Clones. Crosshair reluctantly abides by the plan, and Omega turns herself over to the Clone Assassin and they take her away. As part of their plan Crosshair was supposed to shoot a tracker onto the ship but a squad of Stormtroopers disrupt his plan, leading him to miss the shot on the ship, meaning they have no way of tracking Omega back to Tantiss.

The episode ends with Crosshair watching Omega get taken away, as she meditates while the Clone Assassin makes the jump to hyperspace.

Things don’t look good for the Batch…

What an exciting couple of episodes this week! They are really setting the stage for a big finale! Our heroes have a lot of ground to cover, and it is still unclear if our heroes will be successful or if the Empire will prevail.

The pair of episodes this week get 9 gunships out of 10!

Stand Out Scenes:

FOUR WEEKS IN A ROW – The Farewell Tour is in full swing again this week as we see another fan favorite, Cad Bane, get featured as one of the main bounty hunters on the hunt for the Empire seeking out children with a high M-Count. While we do see his eventual demise in The Book of Boba Fett, it was great to see him again!

Back to Tantiss – Just when we thought the Batch were in the clear and on the run, their recent past caught up with them. That Clone Operative that survived the fight with Crosshair and the Fall down the waterfall came back to ultimately be the one who brings in Omega. And with no tracking device, getting to Tantiss just became a lot harder for the Batch.


Back to Lau? Or Back with Rex? – The Bad Batch clearly need help getting to Tantiss, they don’t have enough information on its whereabouts which makes me wonder how they are going to get back and who might help them. Could they be going back to Lau, the planet that Crosshair and Omega crash landed on in Episode 4 to retrieve the information from their crashed vessel they used to escape Tantiss? Or could Rex and Echo make a comeback to help them launch and siege of Tantiss and free their brothers? Only four episodes left in the series and there is a lot of ground to cover!