The Bad Batch Get Help from an Unlikely Ally in Episode 12, “Juggernaut”


Star Wars the Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 12, “Juggernaut” by Darth Slobo

With Omega captured, we begin right where we left off with The Clone Assassin delivering Omega to Hemlock on Tantiss. Hemlock leads Omega into the facility, and into the lab to meet Dr. Emerie Karr to begin her testing.

Back on Pabu, Hunter and Batcher sneak past the empire, and the Batch meet to discuss their next steps when Crosshair reveals a possible way of getting back to Tantiss, the old villain ADMIRAL RAMPART. As the Batch question why Crosshair did not reveal this before, they are interrupted by Batcher barking and Phee arrives through a hidden entrance. Crosshair tells Phee they need her ship to get to an Imperial Labour camp on the planet Erebus where (former) Admiral Rampart is being held.

This episode is moving at an especially fast pace, faster than all previous episodes this season, and it reinforces the sense of urgency the Bad Batch feels to get back to Omega.

We immediately cut to Erebus where a transport vessel crosses a bridge and we see Rampart struggling to work on the equipment with other aliens.

Back on Phee’s ship, she shows the Batch a hologram map of the camp and an overview of the situation they will be entering. Hunter, Wrecker, and Crosshair formulate a plan, and just like that they drop out of hyperspace and Phee cuts all power to go into the base undetected, dropping the crew off outside the camp. The Batch make their way to the previously seen bridge—guarded by stormtroopers—and the Batch begin executing their plan to find Rampart.

The Batch formulate a plan to get to Rampart on the fly as he is transported in a Turbo Tank. While the tank is driving, they use their cables to intercept the tank and take care of the stormtroopers and commandeer the tank. They manage to get to Rampart, and release the rest of the prisoners to distract the Empire (But nothing ends up happening with this). Rampart deduces that the Batch need something from him and negotiates an exchange in order to get off the planet in return for information on Tantiss.

As the Empire discovers the Tank that is transporting Rampart has been overtaken, they begin to shut down the facility, sealing off the bridge. This makes for a neat tank fight sequence where Hunter and Wrecker battle another Imperial Tank on the small bridge. The Batch handle the Imperial tank, with Wrecker taking out their wheels with the cannon, while Hunter uses the downed tank as a ramp to make it across the bridge.

The Empire is throwing everything they can at the tank, as a gunship drops a squat of troopers onto the top of the tank while another one fires cannons taking out the tank’s steering. Just as it seems the Batch are out of luck, with no controls and running out of road, Phee arrives with her ship to help them escape Erebus with Rampart.

With Rampart on board, they can interrogate him. He reveals that no one knows the coordinates to Tantiss, buuuuuut he might know another way, however it requires the Bad Batch to team up with their former enemy: Admiral Rampart.

Back on Tantiss, Emerie runs her tests on Omega and they find and report the positive M-Count results to Hemlock. Hemlock takes Omega into the vault to show her what they have been doing and why she is so important. Hemlock reveals that M-Counts cannot be cloned as they degrade in the transfer, but not when they are combined with Omega’s blood.

As Hemlock explains all of this to Omega they reach the Vault where Hemlock discloses this will now be where they keep her, with the rest of the child “Specimens”

This was an exciting episode! Probably my Favorite so far, it was full of action and pushed the story forward, this episode gets 9.5 Imperial Prisoners out of 10!

Stand Out Scenes:

FIVE WEEKS IN A ROW – The Farewell Tour continues as we get another character from the Bad Batch’s past, the first main villain ADMIRAL RAMPART. The Imperial Admiral that sent Crosshair on many missions against his brothers now must work with their enemy! What an awesome twist!!!

My Prediction was WAYYY OFF – I had no clue they would be teaming up with their former nemesis! But that’s the beauty of StarWars! Part of the fun is coming up with theories and being surprised and entertained at how far off you really were.