Episode 13 Take The Bad Batch “Into the Breach”


Star Wars the Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 13 “Into the Breach” by Darth Slobo

The intense music sets the stage this week as we see scientists enter the vault back on Tantiss. Omega wakes up in her new prison and observes her surroundings. She then introduces herself to Eva, and inquires about her doll (which Omega made during her last tenure on Tantiss). The other “specimens” introduce themselves to Omega and give Omega the low down on their situation, and advise against causing issues.

Back with Batch, we find Phee offloaded them on an abandoned space port with their new ‘partner’ Rampart. Echo arrives with a stolen shuttle and Rampart explains the complicated situation they face findings the coordinates to Tantiss: they can only be accessed through a specific spaceport orbiting Coruscant. Further, the access codes they need to get into the port undetected change every rotation. Given all these factors, Hunter is keen on getting there as quick as possible, keeping up with his breakneck pace last episode, in order to get back to Omega.

Cutting back to Omega, we see Dr. Karr conducting blood tests on Omega, as Omega inquiries about the other children held captive. Dr. Karr tells her not to be concerned because they are well taken care of, then turns her back to Omega to deposit the blood sample. As her back is turned, Omega swipes one of her medical tools unnoticed. On the observation deck of the Vault, other Imperial scientists are giving Dr. Karr a hard time about her decision to let Omega interact with the other specimens. We see why they are cautious about Omega as back with the specimens, Omega begins to put together another escape plan with the captive children, informing them of the layout of the vault and how she plans on escaping through the tunnels used to transport the blood samples in each of the children’s rooms.

Cutting back to the Batch, as they prepare to execute their plan and dock at the port outside of Coruscant, the Batch strip all the unique markings on their armour to try and avoid gaining too much attention. As they dock with Rampart—now in an Imperial disguise—they are uneasy about trusting him to help given their complex history. In their first interaction aboard the port, Rampart fully assumes his past Imperial demeanor and confidently gets them into the control room where Echo hacks into the base’s logs. He finds the next ship departing for Tantiss, but they also find out that the coordinates to the base are only transmitted AFTER the ship has launched. Meaning, they need someone on the ship. The Batch quickly hatches a new plan—much to the disdain of Rampart—and devise a way to get Echo onto the ship, disabling sensors, then allowing the Batch to hitch a ride to Tantiss by docking another ship.

Things are moving quickly again as we are back on Tantiss, as the medical droid finished conducting a round of tests. Omega heads back to her room to execute her plan, dislodging several of the wall panels to get a look at what is behind their cells. But it looks like one of the scientists, Dr. Sclader, takes notice and heads into the Vault, arriving at Omega’s cell to check-in on her. In this scene it looks as though Omega clearly has some force abilities as she is seen relaxing on her bed with everything appearing normal in her room. After the interaction, the inquisitive children ask Omega about her success, to which she replies that she found a way out!

Back with the Batch, Echo sneaks through the spaceport to locate and infiltrate the science ship departing for Tantiss. Echo enters the ship through the droid entrance and informs Hunter that the ship is leaving immediately. Echo works from the inside but alerts the Imperial crew. Hunter, Crosshair, and Wrecker wait for Echo’s go-ahead, but the sensors are still up, and the Imperial ship is preparing to launch into hyperspace. Rampart urges the Batch to abort the mission, but Hunter takes a risk and proceeds to attach to the ship, JUST as Echo disables the proximity sensor and they launch for Tantiss.

With another fast paced and intense episode, this one gets 9 Imperial Captains out of 10!

Stand Out Scenes:

JUST IN THE NICK OF TIME: That final scene was INTENSE! Echo sneaking onto the ship, disabling the sensor, and Hunter going with his gut instinct to complete a reverse dock – à la Interstellar. The stakes, the time pressure, Rampart getting cold feet, this was the perfect recipe for an intense episode ending, and a fantastic set up for the final few of episodes as THE BATCH ARE HEADED TO TANTISS.