Star Wars the Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 14 “Flash Strike” REVIEW

Star Wars the Bad Batch Season 3 Episode 14 “Flash Strike” REVIEW by Darth Slobo

The ramped-up pace continues through this week’s episode as there were a lot of quick cuts between the three main parties: 1) Hunter, Wrecker, Crosshair, and Rampart; 2) Echo aboard the Imperial vessel; and 3) Omega in the Vault. Each group are on their own related mission. While there was a lot of quick cuts back and forth between groups, which seems to add to the pacing of the overall story, it almost seems necessary at this point, because with two episodes left it still feels like there is a lot of ground to cover. I know we have said this in the past with other series’ but with this being the SERIES FINALE season, there are still some important questions that need to be answered!


Right back where we left off at the conclusion of last week’s episode, the Batch are in their stolen Imperial ship attached to the science vessel on their way to Tantiss. They quickly make a plan for what to do when they arrive to avoid detection, which is the usual, drop out far away from the facility to avoid detection.

Unfortunately for the Batch, they did not anticipate having their cover blown as we find that Hemlock has been made aware that Clone Force 99 had infiltrated the base and is likely tracking the Science vessel. Because of this, Hemlock orders fighters to monitor the airspace and escort the science vessel on arrival. And just like that, the Batch are caught on their heels as the fighters and the base’s defense cannons fire on them. The ship is hit and down they go.


Cutting back quickly to Omega and her new comrades, their table shakes as Omega realizes what is going on, her brothers found her!

Back with the Batch, realizing the trouble they are in, they decide to repel into the jungle while their vessel is going down mid-crash. In a hilarious and exciting, but brief sequence, Rampart is forced to repel against his will and is the only one that has mechanical issues with his cable as Hunter has to shoot the cable and catch him, while they all make a rough landing in the Tantiss jungle.


While the science vessel prepares to land—with Echo still on it—Hemlock orders a thorough search of the entire ship and crew. Echo swaps outfits with one of the troopers.

Back with the Batch we see them make their way through the Jungle as the Empire discovers there were no bodies in the crashed ship. In an interesting interaction Rampart and Crosshair have a brief exchange where Rampart inquires why Crosshair is no longer loyal to the Empire. Crosshair says he has changed, but Rampart is not convinced. This may lead to something interesting, we will have to keep our eye on this.


Back in the Vault, Omega plans a scouting mission while all of the scientists are preoccupied with the lockdown, and makes her way through the walls of her cell.


Back with Echo, he is making his way through the base.

As the Batch proceed through the jungle being hunted by Hemlocks forces, they come upon a cliff, at which point Rampart seemingly rests on the side and complains about the situation. Just then, we hear that Rampart actually sat down on a giant camouflaged beast that was sleeping. Of course, the beast wakes up and begins attacking the Batch, who are trying to avoid blaster fire and alert the Empire. Rampart runs off, and the beast manages to strike Wrecker. The Batch run to try and get away, but it leads them right to a squad of Stormtroopers, luckily the beast takes care of them, but, we see that Rampart ended up running off right into the hands of the Empire.


Back with Omega, the captured children are trying to buy Omega some time with the scientist’s inspection as she makes her way through the walls of the facility and ends up seeing a CAPTIVE ZILLO BEAST. Again, Omega makes it back JUST IN TIME, before her turn for the daily blood collection.

Echo makes his way through the facility and into Emerie’s lab, but ends up running right into her. Echo tries to pass off his presence as a routine security check, but Emerie sees right through him and ends up calling him out by name, mentioning that Omega talked about him. We are now seeing Dr. Karr’s motivations come into play as she lays the seeds of an escape in order to free the captured children in the Vault.

The episode concludes with Omega back in the vault, she briefs the other ‘Specimens’ that she now has a plan because she “found something big.”

Even with the elevated pace, there seems to be some good developments made with the Batch getting back to Omega, with those rumblings of Dr. Karr’s moral dilemma that we saw in previous episodes coming to fruition as she makes some plans with Echo to save Omega and the kids.

This episode gets 9 clones out of 10.

Stand Out Scenes:

RISE OF THE ZILLO (AGAIN) – THE ZILLO BEAST IS BACK (again)! We know Filoni has always been fond of the Zillo beast since The Clone Wars Animated Series, and we briefly saw it make another appearance in the last season of the Bad Batch, but it looks like the Zillo beast isn’t done! I can’t wait to see what Filoni has in store for us with the Zillo beast, of course it comes back for the final episode.

A LOT OF GROUND TO COVER – With only two episodes left to go, there is a lot of ground to cover and a lot of questions yet to answer, but the pace in the last couple of episodes has picked up significantly. I know in the past, we here at have raised concerns about the amount of ground to cover with only two episodes left—See our podcasts on The Mandalorian—But Dave Filoni has a history of making big deliveries in limited time!.

NEED A HAND? – It was funny to see Echo try and makeshift a disguise with his cybernetic hand not fitting into the glove. Not knowing much about the construction of droids, it was also hilarious to see him “borrow” the hand off the droid that he shot, and much to my surprise, it actually fit!