“Bringing the Force Back”: The Art of Restoring Vintage Star Wars Toys


“One thing about ‘Star Wars’ that I’m really proud of is that it expands the imagination. That’s why I like the ‘Star Wars’ toys.” – George Lucas

Restoring vintage Star Wars toys can be an incredibly satisfying experience for fans and collectors alike. Handling these beloved toys brings a deep sense of nostalgia and connection to childhood memories. Each toy has its own story, whether it’s a figure that was a favorite companion in imaginative play (like my “Farmboy Luke Skywalker”) or the countless adventures with a starship from the movies (like my X-Wing).

Bringing these toys back to their former glory is definitely a labor of love that involves careful cleaning, repairing, and sometimes even repainting. The process can be therapeutic, with a sense of accomplishment as you see the transformation from worn-out to almost new. It’s not just about preserving a piece of pop culture history but also about preserving personal memories and honoring the legacy of these iconic toys. Thanks, Kenner!

You can find hundreds of videos online where dedicated fans restore their favorite vintage Star Wars toys. The following are some of my favorite and have motivated me to get to work on restoring some of my own worn out toys.

1978 Millennium Falcon Restoration

This was the video that took me down the galaxy rabbit hole in to what was possible with my old toys! As soon as I watched this, I text the video link to Trooper Todd! He still has the same Millennium Falcon from when we were kids. It has that old yellow color on much of the ship and hopefully this will give him some ideas on restoring it.

1978 Star Wars X-Wing Restoration

The X-Wing was my favorite ship in Star Wars – specifically, Luke’s X-Wing. I remember taking my Farboy Luke and X-Wing on many adventures in the small creek in my backyard. I would imagine Luke crashing by the water’s edge and being forced to look for help in the strange world around him. Of course, I was a reckless boy and broke 2 X-Wings before my Father refused to buy me anymore.

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1980 Star Wars Snowtrooper Restoration

I have several vintage Stormtroopers with that dreaded discoloration and thought it was hopeless! I can’t wait to try out these tips.


Restoring a Wrecked Imperial Troop Transporter – Part 1 – Vintage Kenner Star Wars 1970s

It is a satisfying feeling to watch as this toy is brought back to its former glory.


Fix it Guide – Stiffening loose limbs on Star Wars figures

This fix it guide is amazing! I have many action figures that can stand or sit because of how loose their limbs are. What a simple solution!


1982 Star Wars Wampa Restoration & Whitening

Again – seeing these toys white return is amazing! Now, I wonder if we can find and fix the Wampa that Luke injured?


Star Wars Vintage R5-D4 Restoration Kenner 1979

The damage to these vintage droids must be a common happening, what with the sticker details in the body. I can see my own (mutilated) R2D2 getting a much needed make-over soon.

What was YOUR favorite Star Wars toys growing up? Do you still own it? Does it need a restoration like these toys? LEAVE A COMMENT!

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