Star Wars Day: “May the 4th Be With You”


“One thing about Star Wars that I’m really proud of is that it expands the imagination.” – George Lucas

Hello Star Wars FANDOM!

We at Star Wars Reporter just wanted to say May the Fourth Be With You, and thank you! Thank you for reading our articles, checking us out on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and sharing in our enthusiasm for this wonderful franchise we’ve all come to adore. We are fans, just like you, people who delight in the continuing adventures of the Star Wars Saga. Star Wars Day riles up a lot of sentimentality, and we look back with reverence and appreciation, just as we look forward with the hopeful anticipation that is associated with all things Star Wars. If what lies ahead is even a fraction as wonderful as what has already come, then we have some amazing adventures just around the corner.

Star Wars has carved out its place in history, and we’re compelled to share in its joyous spoils. When we encounter something in life that moves us, connects us, and brings us together the way Star Wars has, we desire to celebrate it with friends and family. And that’s what so much of this is about: making connections with like-minded people, making new friends, and confirming that we’re not alone in our journey through life. We take comfort that other people hold the same hopes and dreams, and that others feel as we do. Star Wars fans truly are family, and proof that diversity should never divide us, but enrich us with everyone’s unique perspective. We are proud to be Star Wars fans, and we are proud of Star Wars fans. Collectively, they represent the best of us, those most willing to embrace someone for the compassion in their heart and the content of their character, no matter their cultural background or physical stature.

In this universe, we all have the capacity to be heroes, and we are one.

We love Star Wars for many reasons, and we rejoice on May the Fourth with all of you, the folks whose eyes glitter with wonder whenever they see that glorious Lucasfilm logo appear on the silver screen. Again, we say thank you, and may your celebration day be filled with happiness, hope, and peace. So go enjoy! Hangout with your friends and family, reminisce about all the wonderful times, pop in your favorite Star Wars film, and ponder what tales are in store. It’s a great time to be a fan, and we have been delighted to go along for the ride with you.

May the Fourth Be With You…always.